About Our Kelowna Photographer

It might seem simple enough, just point and click to snap a shot, right? Wrong.

Professional photography has become a highly competitive sphere. Aperture, perspective, angle, lighting, shutter speed, and bokeh all come into play before a shot is ready for processing. Our photography team has the training and tools to create emblematic images for anyone out there.

Haling from the picturesque Okanagan Valley, Hiilite has been changing businesses through an interactive marketing experience. Developing the landscape locally with countless collaborations, Hiilite is continuing into new areas, offering the skillset of a boundless creative group to anyone who reaches out.

Meet our photographer.

Donovan, our Kelowna photographer captures the world around us in a light that embodies raw emotion. Truly dedicated to his craft, Donovan is always searching for his next shot, analyzing and editing when he sets his lense down. When it comes to painting a picture of a product or service, Donovan and his Sony mirrorless camera search out the perfect angles that bring the best out of every business and situation.