How To Become A Photographer | 5 Tips For A Career In Photography

#1 – Just say yes to every shoot that comes your way at first. This is going to force you out of your comfort zone and learn the skills to the pay the bills. This is really important when you’re first starting out and it’ll also help you build a portfolio.

#2 – Invite feedback. Your mom and dad are going to pump your tires as long as you let them. It’s important to ask your clients for honest feedback because those are the best opportunities to grow.

#3 – Put in the work. Just like every other career youre going to have to put in the work to suceed. This is going to mean doing free shoots to build your portfolio or endless hours of networking with other people in the community and just putting yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people because the worst that’s going to happen is they will say, “no”.

#4 – Don’t blame the gear. It’s important to realize that if you are trying your best with whatever gear you have, whether its a point and shoot camera, it’s more about the thought that goes into the photo rather than the gear itself. So don’t use this as an excuse, try new things and practice is more important than buying the newest fanciest, most expensive camera.

#5 – Collaboration over competition. It’s really important to keep this mindset, because if you have five photographers shooting the same subject everyone can come to a different end result. That’s pretty cool. Keep an open mind, you can learn something from everybody out there and it just really helps yourself and others.

If you guys are just starting out, I want to hear from you. If  there is something you want to know, leave us a comment on any of our social media accounts.

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