Automotive Photography Tips For Beginners

What’s up guys Donovan Wagner here and today we’re talking automotive photography. Stick around.

So automotive photography is where it all started for me. I went and bought my first Canon Rebel t and all I really had to take photos of in the prairies of Canada was our vehicles so we’d go out in the city and take pictures of our cars all day, all night. I’m thankful to this day because that’s where I really started playing around with different settings on my DSLR and figuring out different angles, different lenses, what everything did and I think that still played a huge part in where I’m at today. Here’s a couple tips I have for you guys to help you get better photos of vehicles.

My first tip for taking better automotive photos is to think about your angles rather than just hold a camera up to your face and take the same photo over and over again. Get creative think about the angles get low, get a ladder get up high, try different things and that alone will change the look of the photo entirely.

Okay so once you’ve figured out your angles, the second thing to take into account is what lens you’re shooting with. Whether you’re shooting ultra wide or telephoto they both have two very different looks but they’re both just as badass. I prefer to shoot a longer lens it just has a nicer smoother look to it but there’s also a cool time and place for shooting ultra wide. Whether you’re doing rolling shots or maybe it’s just a cool scene that you have to get tight into it.

The third thing to keep in mind is just the light you’re shooting in. I think this applies to any kind of photo shoot but try to shoot in the morning or evening when that sun’s a little lower in the sky and creates a nicer look. Cars have their own unique lines and they all tell their own story so when the sun is straight above at the middle of the day making it look flat it’s not doing it any favors so when that sun is lower in the sky morning and evening it just makes more interesting shadows and textures and it really helps the overall look of the whole photo.

The fourth thing I want to talk about is something really easy to do and this is done when you’re back at home editing your photos. Darken the foreground or the road underneath the vehicle it’s just a subtle change but it really draws the viewers eye into the vehicle which is the whole point of the photo. Next time you’re out taking automotive photos try this and see if it helps.

My fifth and final tip for you guys if you’re interested in automotive photography is to just get out there and do it. Don’t worry about buying a rig or trying to buy the nicest lenses or cameras honestly I had the most fun in my life just shooting on a canon rebel with the kit lens it’s all about the experience and trying different things, try different settings and just grow your skills overall. I hope this helps you guys if you have any other questions for me make sure you leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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