Family Photography: 05 Tips for FUN Family Photoshoots in 2023

Ah, Kelowna – with its stunning lakeside views, picturesque landscapes, and urban vibrancy, it’s no wonder families want to capture their cherished moments here. But beyond the beautiful backdrop, how do you make a family photoshoot genuinely fun and memorable? This is where a Kelowna photographer can sprinkle a bit of magic. And who better than Hiilite Photography to guide you?

Hiilite is not just another name in Kelowna photography. It’s an experience, an emotion, and a testament to all those ‘hiilite’ moments of life. Be it playful headshots in Kelowna or candid family photoshoots, we have mastered the art of making each session a joyous event. So, if you’re ready to have a blast during your family portrait studio session this year, keep these tips in mind.

1. Location, Location, Location!

Kelowna is a gem, offering numerous picturesque spots for your family photos. Depending on your family’s personality:

– Natural Beauties: For those who adore nature, the beaches and parks around Okanagan Lake are just perfect.

– Urban Vibes: If you’re the chic urban family, Downtown Kelowna with its mural walls and modern aesthetics might just be the ticket.

– At Home: Sometimes, the best Kelowna photos are taken in the comfort of your home. Familiarity can lead to genuine smiles and candid moments.

– The Hiilite Photography Studio: Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, our in-house photography studio offers a clean, professional backdrop for your photos, as well as complimentary coffee or tea upon arrival. Have your own photography equipment, and just looking for a studio to rent? Please contact us for studio rentals.

Whatever you choose, ensure the location resonates with your family’s vibe. After all, photographers in Kelowna, especially at Hiilite, believe in personalization!

2. Dress to Impress but Stay Comfortable

– Coordinate, Don’t Match: You don’t need to wear identical outfits. Instead, think of a colour palette that complements one another. For instance, earthy tones or a mix of blues and whites can be stunning!

– Avoid Distractions: Overly loud patterns or logos can distract from the main subjects – you!

– Comfort is Key: Especially with kids, ensure the outfits are comfy. A child in uncomfortable clothing is a recipe for a short-lived photoshoot.

3. Bring Props and Play!

A family portrait studio or outdoor shoot need not be all formal. Props can add a delightful dimension to your photoshoot:

– Toys for the Little Ones: Think of your child’s favourite toy, be it a plushie or a superhero figure. It not only keeps them engaged but also captures their current interests.

– Family Quirks: Does your family have a favourite board game? Or perhaps matching hats? Bring them along!

– Seasonal Elements: Shooting in the fall? Why not play with the fallen leaves? Wintertime? Snowball fights are candid and fun!

4. Let Your Family’s Personality Shine

This isn’t just about smiles and poses. It’s about capturing the essence of your family’s dynamics:

– Candid over Posed: The best shots sometimes are those unexpected ones – the family laughter, the playful shove, or the secret whispers between siblings.

– Interact & Engage: Listen to the music, dance, tell jokes. Your Kelowna photographer at Hiilite will be there, capturing every spontaneous reaction.

5. Trust Your Photographer

Finally, let go and trust. When you’ve picked a reputable studio like Hiilite Photography, you’re in safe hands. With our extensive experience:

– We Know the Spots: Be it for headshots or family shoots, we know the city like the back of our hand.

– Guidance: We’ll provide tips, from how to stand to where to look. All you need is to be your fabulous self!

– Relax: This might be your first photoshoot, but it’s not ours. We’ve got the skills and the passion to make it magical.

Conclusion: Create, Celebrate, Cherish

2023 is about making memories and cherishing them. With Hiilite Photography, you’re not just getting a photoshoot; you’re creating an album of moments, laughs, and love. 

Ready for your next family adventure in front of the camera? Dive into the world of creativity with Hiilite, your premier photographers in Kelowna. Let’s make those moments count. Looking for more than just family shoots? Be it corporate headshots, event coverage, or solo sessions, we’ve got you. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss your photography needs.

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