“How Do I Use My Camera Like A Pro” Q&A With Jordan Sangster

[Video Transcription]

Hey guys.

So I had a question come in earlier from Jordan Sangster and she said, “How do I use my camera like a pro?” So my biggest three tips for you would be

1) practice. Just get out there and use your camera, don’t be afraid to take ‘bad’ pictures. We’re shooting on digital cameras so you don’t have to pay for film, don’t be afraid to try new things.

2) Good composition, try to make your photo look more interesting about how you’re framing it. Get creative with it.

3) Shoot in good lighting. Sunsets, sunrise, anything that’s kind of interesting because when you’re shooting at noon, you’ll see the shadows under people’s eyes isn’t very flattering, everything kind of seems flat and desaturated. Good lighting goes a long way.

Hope that answers your question and thank you so much. If you have anymore questions, send us a message and we’ll try to make a video for you.

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