Importance of Photography for Real Estate Agents



When it comes to listing your property on the real estate market place, there are certainly lots of challenges and uncertainties. What will the real estate market do in the coming weeks? Am I pricing this listing too high? Too low? One thing we know for sure is that real estate agents who invest in  professional photography spend less time waiting for an offer on their listings.


In fact listings with professional photography not only get viewed 61% more than listings with phone photos, but also it’s been proven that a listing with 20 or more DSLR photos are on the market for an average of 32 days VS 70 days for listings with 1 image. The average consumer spends 60% of their time looking at the images and only 20% of their time reading description or specs.


Hiilite Photography can give you the leading edge by producing stunning images for each and every one of your unique listings. Whether it’s a small apartment, lake-front mansion, commercial space or anything in between, we can get the shots your property deserves. We pride ourselves on process. Starting with preparation, we determine what style of photos would be best suited to your listing and start creating a shot list. Following our planning we book the shoot, this is where we take creative control and determine what time of day will project the best light for your listing and how we will execute your interior photos to show off the features people want, using whatever gear you have available. Once the shoot is completed, we know delivery time is important for getting your listing live, you will have your photos within our guaranteed 48-hour turn around period.


Interested in using Hiilite Real Estate Photography for your listing? Check out our work here . See how we can optimize your space using creative angles and ultra-wide lenses paired with HDR techniques.

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